Me on Gili TrawanganHi, I’m Anika and I’m happy to welcome you on my new website!

You’ll quickly realize, that this page is under heavy construction. As it’s my very personal project, I only work on it in my free time, so it will grow, but slowly. However, I didn’t want to wait any longer to bring it live, one reason might be to put myself under pressure and to speed things up.

So, just have a look around, discover what’s there already and don’t forget to come back from time to time to see what’s new. And I promiss, there’s more to come soon, step by step I will add more galleries, info and stuff and in the end it will be what it’s supposed to be: Just another photo, travel or lifestyle blog. 😉

And now let’s talk about the motto of my page!

Life is travel.

Life is a journey. Sometimes in a literal and sometimes in a figurative sense. A journey with all its aspects. For instance travel mates. Some of them are with you from the very beginning of your journey, some will stay by your side the whole path, some will bid farewell after a while for different reasons. You’ll discover new paths, together or all alone, broaden your mind, make new plans. This journey is about growing and changing and finding out who and what you are and eventually, hopefully, loving who and what you are and what you’re doing with your life.

Travel is life.

When you’re traveling – and I ‘m not talking about a two weeks holiday in a 1234-star all inclusive resort (what I ‘ve done also, please don’t misunderstand) – you will experience life. Not only that you feel yourself more alive than ever before, you’ve the chance to dive into other cultures and ways of living. Realize how people deal differently with aspects of life, be it the daily routine or in particular situations. And these new experiences may change the way you see your life and even directly impact your long-established habits and routines. If you just let it happen…

On my side, for both – travel and life – I’m trying to apply the following: Accept that plans can and will change, either over time or all of a sudden. At some point you do not even have plans at all (when apparently everybody else around you have…), which is also ok. Relax and calm down, there’s always a solution or new idea waiting around the corner. Sometimes even better than ever planned!

Embrace changes and make the best of it. Stay open and stay curious, think outside the box. Never say never too quickly. And it’s never too late…

Hope you enjoy your visit!